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Mobiz: Innovation Centre of Excellence

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Cloud Transformation: 5 Phases of Cloud Migration

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Cybersecurity 101: Understanding the 7 Layers of IT Security

Cybersecurity 101: Understanding the 7 Layers of IT Security

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Top Cyber Security Threats That Businesses Face and How to Avoid Them

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Microsoft cloud leader Scott Guthrie says companies aren’t holding off on cloud spending as inflation mounts

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Importance of Cyber Security and Risk Management

Did you know in 2021, Cybercrime cost the world more than $6 .9trillion? That’s more than…

Short-Term Wind Energy Forecasting Using Deep Learning-Based Predictive Analytics

Noman Shabbir, Lauri Kütt, Muhammad Jawad, Oleksandr Husev, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Akber Abid…

Personalized Information Retrieval from Friendship Strength of Social Media Comments

Fiaz Majeed, Noman Yousaf, Muhammad Shafiq, Mohammed Ahmed Basheikh, Wazir Zada Khan,…

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Sanofi Gains Speed and Agility with an Azure Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Since its founding in 1973, Sanofi has relentlessly pushed the boundaries of medicine.

Virtual Desktop Computers & Software Applications

Customer Success Story: Virtual Desktop Computers & Applications Improve Medical Clinic Operations

Data Availability, Backup, and Recovery Services

Customer Success Story: Data Backup Strategy for Small & Medium Businesses

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