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Cloud Assessment

Mobiz starts by assessing your application and infrastructure landscape, tying them together to develop a Transformation Roadmap.  You simply start by providing us with your app and infra inventories and we take it from there.  We use our innovative analytics and reporting capabilities to pull together your multiple data sources (no limit) and provide a comprehensive 360 degree view of your app and infra portfolio!  From there we can build a detailed Business Case incl ROI, Program plan and migration roadmap.

  • App and Infra portfolio analysis
  • Data Referential Assessment
  • Business Case incl ROI
  • Long Range Planning (LRP) forecasts for Cloud and On-prem
  • Program Plan incl migration roadmap

Azure Landing Zone & Services

Azure Landing Zone (ALZ) enables cloud application development, migration, and modernization at enterprise scale.

  • Azure Landing Zone Deploy
  • Azure Infrastructure with ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow integration with Azure Monitoring
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IaaS / PaaS

With IaaS Infrastructure as a Service, Azure manages the infrastructure layer, while PaaS Platform as a Service is built on top of IaaS, so it provides all features of IaaS along with its own features, like business intelligence, Middleware, development tools

  • IaaS
  • PaaS

Cloud Migrations

Mobiz differentiates itself from competitors because we understand the complexities of application and infrastructure environments.  Not all migrations are the same!  Mobiz assesses your app and infra landscape to determine levels of obsolescence and levels of migration complexities.  All of these factors WILL affect the amount of time and cost required to migrate!  Based on our detailed Cloud Assessment process we will provide you with an honest, cost effective and comprehensive migration plan.  Mobiz has an experienced team of certified Cloud architects and Cloud engineers who will then execute on this plan leveraging a comprehensive suite of migration tools including our proprietary end to end migration workflow software.

  • Project Methodology (Agile Pod / Kanban)
  • Automated E2E Workflow
  • Automated Cloud Migrations & Provisioning
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Data Referential Cleaning & Updates
  • Handover to Operations

Cloud Ops / FinOps

Mobiz takes a different approach to managing your Cloud operations.  Their goal is to automate everywhere!  This reduces the amount of operational overhead and manpower required which in the end saves you time and money!

  • Cloud Operations & Automation
  • Cloud Financials & Optimization

Features and Benefits

Access to Innovation

Regulatory & Security Compliance

Incident Reduction & Less Operations

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Find out why moving to Cloud could be the right choice for you

Mobiz has chosen to partner with Microsoft Azure for several reasons including

  • Most trusted cloud platform by US government
  • Over 50 Security compliance offerings
  • Unparalleled hybrid capabilities
  • Ease of integration with other Microsoft tools
  • Mature IaaS and PaaS services
  • Largest number of regions and global reach

While costs savings should not be the only reason for an organization to move to Cloud, it does offer many cost savings opportunities such as

  • Cost avoidance for hardware lifecycle
  • Reduction of hardware and software maintenance
  • Savings on data center leasing, energy costs and facility space
  • Reduced operational and manpower costs

Microsoft Azure is the most trusted cloud platform by US government institutions and has over 50 Security compliance offerings.  That being said, Mobiz doesn’t stop there!  Mobiz is also a premier partner with Palo Alto networks – a leader in Network and Cyber Security and employs their solutions to deliver an even higher level of security for your organization!

This is heavily dependent on many factors including the

  • Number of applications and servers in your environment
  • Complexity of the applications and number of integrations to and from other systems
  • Level of hardware and software obsolescence
  • Proper support and governance from top management

However, the first step to a successful cloud migration is proper planning and a solid cloud foundation.  Mobiz is an expert in both of these areas as well as Cloud migrations and Operations and can help you get started on the right path!

Yes under certain circumstances you may be eligible to receive credits to help get you started on your cloud journey.