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A look into the future with Data & AI Mobiz introduces this new practice to help you scale your AI adoption and achieve business objectives faster

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Data & AI services that will transform your business

Artificial Intelligence

Technology revolution has rapidly changed the way we do business.

AI can play a huge role in helping our customers analyze their data and key metrics and deliver great user experience. Mobiz implements different technologies to enable machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn with human-like levels of intelligence.

  • Machine & Deep Learning
  • Program Forecasts

Data Science

We implement data science techniques to find unseen patterns, extract meaningful information, make informed business decisions and increase customer satisfaction

  • Analytics
  • Visualization
  • Azure Synapse
  • PowerBI
  • Data Bricks

Features and Benefits

Deeper Data

Lower Human
Error Rates

Cost Savings and
Increased Efficiency

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Frequently asked questions

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The significant difference is that Data Science involves:
– Pre-processing analysis
– Prediction
– Visualization

AI is the implementation of a predictive models to feed into the
visualization pipelines. Normally, Data Science is an umbrella term for statistical techniques, design techniques, and development methods.

Whereas Artificial intelligence has to do with algorithm design,
development, efficiency, conversions, and the deployment of these designs and products.

Actually, Machine Learning is just an extension of AI, where we use pre-trained layers to fast track prediction models.

Using a multitude of analytical algorithms which are developed and refined through a training pipeline based on weights of predictions at each layer.

Such Machine Learning or AI algorithms look at the history of your current data and detects patterns within it, and then adjusts its future actions accordingly. Its main aim is to both clean your data, and make predictions towards future data sets. Machine Learning statistical methods such as clustering, regression and classification are used in predictive analytics.

To be able to apply AI based approaches, we need a problem to solve, and data relating to this problem is required. The data can preferably be in a structured form (within a SQL\NoSQL database or spreadsheets), or an
unstructured form (emails and social data). Mobiz takes care of the rest!

Once the AI model is chosen and implemented the results are tracked to monitor the performance over time and help you find patterns and trends to answer important business questions.

Similarly to costs, the timeline depends on the results you are after. A simple M
achine Learning program designed to automate data processes could take a couple of weeks to develop, depending on the size of the development
team, and would be able to provide results almost instantly.

On the other hand, a system that works with structured data such as huge
databases and some unstructured data for example social media could take minimum of 6 months to develop and test to answers for your business questions.