Non-Profit Healthcare Client is a healthcare organization dedicated to providing medical services to underserved communities. With a complex IT infrastructure and over 1,000 employees, the organization faced challenges in managing customer intake processes, particularly for common requests like incidents and standard inquiries. Manual and inconsistent processes resulted in delays and errors, necessitating the need for automation and enhanced client satisfaction.


  • Build consistent customer intake processes and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Provide intelligent work assignments for business process flows and incidents.


Non-Profit Healthcare Client adopted ServiceNow’s Service Catalog with Flow Designer and Interaction Bots. Tasking groups were created based on visibility and rights to ensure appropriate work assignments. Additionally, terminations, permissions changes, and advanced work assignments were automated.


The implementation of ServiceNow took approximately two months. The process began with an analysis of the organization’s existing customer intake processes and IT infrastructure. ServiceNow’s Service Catalog, Flow Designer, and Interaction Bots were then configured to meet specific requirements. Non-Profit Healthcare Client’s IT staff members received comprehensive training on ServiceNow usage, and the new workflows underwent extensive testing to ensure they aligned with the organization’s needs.


The adoption of ServiceNow yielded the following outcomes for Non-Profit Healthcare Client:

  • Creation of new ServiceNow catalog items for customer intake with input validation for common requests, ensuring consistency and reducing errors.
  • Automation of terminations and permissions changes, resulting in reduced back-and-forth emails between requesters and IT staff, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Full return on investment (ROI) was achieved within 18 months, with accelerated delivery, reduced errors, and improved client satisfaction.


By leveraging ServiceNow’s Service Catalog with Flow Designer and Interaction Bots, Non-Profit Healthcare Client successfully developed consistent customer intake processes and automated work assignments for common requests. These improvements significantly reduced errors, saved time, and enhanced client satisfaction. Non-Profit Healthcare Clients can now prioritize providing essential medical services to underserved communities while maintaining an efficient IT infrastructure.

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