Group of Medical Clinics in California launch “thin client” computers with applications delivered virtually to provide fast access to patient data & improve workflow efficiencies




22 different medical clinics in California



Business Challenges

The medical clinics were using older thin client computers in their medical clinics to save on costs, but the OS and applications for them were delivered on 22 local servers – one for each clinic. This made systems more unreliable, increased support time & costs, and frustrated staff with IT issues causing them to lose focus on patient care.

Technology Solution

We built IT infrastructure to deliver the company’s NextGen medical software, productivity applications, and print drivers from a single, consolidated environment powered by 10 Windows Servers and 1 Print Server. We built fault tolerance into the solution, so that if one server suffers performance issues, for example, our IT team would be notified but users would not be impacted.

More than 200 Computer Workstations at the 22 medical clinics have their software delivered from 5 Citrix VDA Servers, and the print drivers for 5 brands of duplex, standard, and label maker printers are also delivered from the single print server.

We also upgraded the healthcare provider’s thin client computer workstations, significantly cheaper than more expensive desktop computers. Thin clients are a lightweight computer that are designed to receive its operating system & software applications from a server via the cloud.

Customer Benefits

The company’s doctors and medical practitioners often work at multiple clinics, or move from patient room to front office. By delivering applications virtually, staff members can sign-in to their account on a thin client or desktop computer across the clinic or in a completely different clinic to access all of their applications and patient records. When they sign back in, staff have all of the applications launched and open to the same screens as they left them. This provides staff with greater mobility throughout the office or at the multiple clinics they work at, improving workflow efficiency.

Delivering software applications and print drivers via the cloud to thin clients and computer desktop workstations:

  • Increases security by storing the computer’s data in the cloud
  • Allows software and print drivers to be updated once and deployed on all computer workstations at once
  • Eliminates impact of viruses and malware from infecting an individual computer workstation
  • Significantly simplifies IT monitoring, troubleshooting, and support

In addition, the improved model of thin client computer workstations:

  • Includes secure USB and built-in firewall to protect patient data and assist with HIPAA regulatory mandates
  • Saves the healthcare provider tens of thousands of dollars vs desktop computers

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