Things to Consider When Expanding Your Network

This blog will discuss how you can prepare for IT growth as your business expands.

Your IT Network: A Careful Balance

All businesses seek growth, but in our experience it’s surprising how many are unprepared to handle increased burdens on their technology and the networks that support it. Network capacity and capabilities should be able to handle the needs of the present while keeping costs under control but flexible enough to be able to expand to take advantage of opportunities in the future.

When a business has a forward-thinking IT strategy, it’s better equipped to handle steady growth and sudden changes in the market. This is why small and medium businesses call on IT consulting experts like MOBIZ to move their networks where they need to be at such a crucial time. So much focus, resources, and planning are spent on other parts of the business that a trusted IT partner like MOBIZ can help alleviate additional capacity while also establishing a solid plan for the future.

Before you undertake any network expansion or revision project, here are some questions MOBIZ will help you answer:

Why Are You Expanding?

This may be the easiest to answer, but it’s extremely important because it will define the approach. Have you experienced sudden growth beyond projections? Are you expanding into new markets and new locations? Do you need to replace older equipment that is beyond its useful life? By answering these questions, we can help you turn a weakness into a strength

How Well Will Your Current Wireless Network Handle Increased Load?

Adding users and additional computers also adds pressure to your computer network. At the beginning of any engagement, MOBIZ puts your network through a number of rigorous tests that are proven to give an accurate measurement of the exact capabilities of your network, where it’s weak, and what needs to be done to further develop and improve it.

Who Will Need Access to the New Network?

Access permissions are important for businesses that handle sensitive information. Compliance is essential, but even if essential information isn’t regulated, any network audit takes control and access into account. Certain folders or passwords may need to be restricted and file ownership processes may need to be reviewed if employees move to different departments or leave the company altogether. Network security needs to be assessed and improved accordingly.

What Programs and Applications Will Be Critical for Future Growth?

Some applications you’ve been using may have been chosen solely on price. These kinds of temporary measures can restrict growth, especially when inadequate applications have been accepted as the norm. On the other hand, there is no reason to overpay for programs you don’t need. This is where a technology expert can help you assess what you use, how you use it, and where it will be in the next few years.

Do You Have a BYOD Policy?

Companies that allow employees to use their own phones, tablets, and laptops for work find it can make expanding capacity easier and cheaper. But this can also create serious document security issues if an employee loses their device or if they leave the company. While informal policies may work in the beginning, a formal bring your own device (BYOD) policy that is continually reviewed and updated helps answer crucial questions about how these devices and the sensitive information that is on them should be handled.

How MOBIZ Network Consulting Can Evolve to Managed Services

The final question is who will manage your new network, and this is where MOBIZ can provide the best value. As consultants, we’ve solved network issues for dozens of businesses at the enterprise level, expanding their global reach and developing a tool that will help them build measured, sustained growth. With added capacity comes added responsibilities, and we’re here to help manage and monitor your networks long past the initial project.

Benefit From Our Experience

There are plenty of things to worry about when guiding your business—your technology shouldn’t be one of them. Call us today for more information about MOBIZ and to schedule a network assessment. Our thorough IT environment assessment is a strategic, top-down picture of how your business works and how technology is used to complete your most important business processes. Our technicians can get to the root of any issue and provide solutions that last, not just temporary fixes.