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Redefining Security with Zero Trust Network Access Services

In today’s complex and ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, Citrix offers a simple yet powerful answer – Cisco ZTNA solution – to safeguard your corporate apps and remote workforce. With ZTNA, your organization can maintain seamless productivity while keeping threats at bay and protecting critical applications from exposure to the internet.

Our ZTNA service delivers a Zero Trust approach to network access, ensuring that only authenticated and authorized users can access corporate resources. Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional VPNs, which might not be equipped to handle the challenges of remote work. Instead, our ZTNA provides secure access to all corporate apps, regardless of users’ locations or the devices they use.

With ZTNA, unmanaged devices, and potential security vulnerabilities have become a thing of the past. Protect your entire network from the risk of malware and unauthorized access, mitigating the threat of lateral movement within your infrastructure.

As one of the top zero trust network access vendors, our digital workplace services also include the ShareFile service that enables your workforce to collaborate and access files securely from anywhere, fostering a productive and protected work environment.

Don’t let network and application security become a headache. Choose the ZTNA solution for a simplified yet robust security approach that empowers your remote workforce and safeguards your critical applications.

Enable Secure Remote Access with Identity-Centric Security

Embrace Zero Trust Network, Gartner-recommended, to redefine remote access, with identity-centric security at the core. Protect your organization from unauthorized access with our cutting-edge ZTNA solutions. You don’t need to rely on traditional VPN complexities and vulnerabilities as you can embrace a future-proof solution that keeps your network secure and your workforce productive.

Enhance Productivity with Secure Access to All Corporate Apps

Our zero trust secure access enables you to make all corporate apps accessible with a high level of security. No more concerns about unauthorized users or compromised data. Embrace Citrix ADC support and leverage our fortified ZTNA as a service to maximize efficiency and protect your applications like never before with our unrivalled solutions.

Modernize Your IT Security with a VPN Alternative

Stay ahead of the threats with our Fortinet ZTNA solution and modernize your security. Step into the future of remote access with zero-trust VPN solutions offering a superior VPN alternative, meeting all your workforce needs. Experience secure remote access without compromising on performance and embrace zero trust secure access to safeguard your business against evolving threats.

Meet Workforce Needs with Micro-Segmentation of Applications

Say hello to a more secure network with micro-segmentation of applications. Our ZTNA solutions ensure that each application is protected in its isolated space, preventing lateral movement within your network. Optimize your security posture with our best ZTNA solutions, and enable seamless collaboration for your remote workforce.

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