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Guard Your Assets & Empower Your Business with Citrix Analytics Service

Empower your organization with Citrix Analytics Performance and detect and deflect potential threats before they happen. We understand the growing importance of proactive analytics, especially as employees become more distributed. With our cutting-edge solution, stay ahead of security exposures and performance bottlenecks, ensuring a reliable digital workspace experience.

Citrix Analytics leverages the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights into user behavior, endpoints, apps, and infrastructure. Detect security breaches before they occur and prevent security incidents from disrupting your operations. Our solutions are designed to monitor user activity and infrastructure continually, offering fast threat detection and seamless prevention.

Instead of relying on reactive approaches, embrace a proactive security strategy that keeps your organization ahead of potential threats. Our solutions go beyond traditional analytics, providing advanced performance monitoring and real-time threat prevention capabilities.

Discover transparent Citrix Analytics pricing plans tailored to your needs. Empower your business with top-notch security and performance insights without breaking the bank. Combine Citrix Analytics with our ShareFile service and digital workplace services for a comprehensive approach to collaboration and security.

Enable Proactive Threat Detection and Prevention

Rely on Citrix Analytics Service for Security and stay ahead of potential threats with real-time monitoring and automated threat prevention. Our advanced Citrix Analytics continuously analyzes user behavior, endpoints, and applications to detect and thwart security risks before they impact your business. Enhance your security posture with a cutting-edge solution for safeguarding your digital workspace.

Seamlessly Integrate Citrix Analytics Service and Citrix ADC

Unify your security by combining Citrix Analytics with Citrix ADC to create an impenetrable security ecosystem. Protect your organization from cybersecurity threats, while optimizing application performance across your network. Experience seamless integration that enhances your overall security and performance capabilities without having an impact on the diverse work styles of your teams.

Constantly Monitor and Optimize Your Workspace

With Citrix Analytics Service for Performance, we empower you with real-time monitoring and insights. Identify bottlenecks and breakdowns in critical tools, ensuring your digital workspace runs at its peak efficiency. Rely on data-driven decisions with Citrix Analytics for performance optimization and substantially reduce downtime across different teams to drive productivity and growth.

Access Enhanced Security Analytics with Citrix

Our Security Analytics Citrix platform equips your organization with User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). Detect anomalies in user behavior, uncover insider threats, and safeguard against unauthorized access attempts. Experience a holistic view of your security landscape with Citrix Analytics service and gain insights into key areas that might have potential bottlenecks and vulnerabilities.

Transparent Pricing for Security on Your Terms

Explore transparent Citrix Analytics Service pricing tailored to your needs. We understand that security is a top priority, and that’s why we offer cost-effective solutions that fit your budget. Enhance your security analytics experience without compromising on quality and maintain a high rate of return on your cloud and network security investment.

Safeguard Your Business Assets

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of your business, and securing it is paramount, not only for growth but for your peace of mind as well. Citrix Analytics provides a comprehensive real-time monitoring tool to detect potential threats to your intellectual property. Stay one step ahead of data breaches and insider threats, ensuring your proprietary information remains safe and confidential.

Stay Prepared & Stay Resilient

In today’s economy that keeps changing every day, ensuring business continuity is vital for success. Citrix Analytics helps you prepare for the unexpected by continuously monitoring user activity and infrastructure. Stay resilient against disruptions and performance bottlenecks, ensuring your business operations remain undisrupted and plan ahead for any hurdles that may cause a problem.

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