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Seamless Remote Access Device Monitoring

In today’s digital landscape, organizations need to ensure the safety of their networks, branch offices, and mobile users while providing 24/7 access to cloud and data center services. As a leading IT firm, we understand the need for a reliable and efficient remote network monitoring solution. That’s why our Prisma Access for Networks has been specially built to help your organization deliver consistent security to all users and apps.

Our advisory service and solutions offer the next step forward in cloud security that relies on a standard cloud-based infrastructure to connect all users to all applications ensuring safe user access management and user lifecycle management. It is designed to provide global coverage and ensures that all your users, whether at your headquarters, in branch offices, or during travel, can safely use cloud and data center applications as well as the internet.

Our network security monitoring services also include customer journey management and incident management solutions. We consistently inspect all traffic across all ports, providing bidirectional networking to enable branch-to-branch and branch-to-HQ traffic. This helps to ensure that all users and devices are monitored and protected against potential security threats.

Our remote network monitoring and cloud security solution is just one of the many services designed to help your organization thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Zero Trust Networks Access (ZTNA) Remote Management Device

We offer ZTNA, a security model that allows users to access applications and data without exposing the entire network. This security model grants access based on the user’s identity, device security status, and other contextual factors.

Cloud Secure Web Gateway

A cloud-secure web gateway provides real-time protection against web-based threats, such as phishing and malware. It secures traffic to and from cloud applications and can help ensure the safe use of the internet for employees.

Next-Generation Cloud Security Broker (CASB)

Our secure remote access service provides a central point of control for secure network service and applications. It allows you to monitor and control data access, detect and prevent data breaches, and provide compliance and governance across all cloud-based services.

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Being a leading network service provider, we offer FWaaS which is a cloud-based network security solution that provides firewall functionality as a service. This allows for remote firewall management, and streamlined cloud assessment, and eliminates the need for physical firewall appliances on-site.

Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM)

ADEM is our AI-driven solution that provides visibility and management of application performance and user experience. It leverages automation and machine learning to optimize the user experience and application performance.

Extensive Global Presence for Exceptional Coverage

Our network service provider capabilities feature a wide and diverse global presence and can provide security services in more than 100 locations worldwide in 76 different countries, ensuring that your business is protected wherever you are.

Deploy Cloud Security with Mobiz DevSecOps Capabilities

Our DevSecOps capabilities allow for efficient deployment of cloud security to multiple locations within your network anywhere in the world, ensuring seamless access and protection across all your business operations.

Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) Scripts & GitHub Actions

Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) scripts and GitHub actions are powerful tools for implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. These tools allow for efficient and secure deployment of software and updates across your network.

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