Mobiz recently partnered with Citrix and Viking Cruises in late 2019 to drive significant improvements in operations. Mobiz achieved the following goals for increasing flexibility, savings, and remote work capabilities:

  • Flexibility to burst and scale down as necessary without committing to a five-year hardware refresh and accumulating technical debt. Mobiz migrated Viking’s entire on-prem infrastructure to Azure and continues to manage this infrastructure as a turnkey architectural and operational solution. 
  • Through the implementation of SD-WAN, Mobiz reduced Viking’s carrier costs from approximately $275k/mo in internet MPLS circuits and replaced them with $14k/mo commodity circuits with a one line-item infrastructure spend equivalent to a single month of the network costs, amounting to savings of over $3M per year. The customer did not need to purchase a high-cost ExpressRoute while maintaining the same high level of performance.
  • With this architecture in place, Viking was able to quickly switch to remote work without issue when COVID lockdowns happened. Viking was able to take their cloud licensing and transition their operations for a WFH strategy within one week at maximum productivity.
  • The VP of Infrastructure at Viking Cruises said that “Flexibility is a combination of a sound architecture and an operational mindset, and it has been crucial to have a trusted and expert partner like Mobiz to fully exercise this ability and leverage additional downstream efficiencies.”

As a result, Viking continues to partner with Mobiz to drive efficiencies in the face of the current business environment. Contact us to learn more about how Mobiz can help your business.