Air Fiber, Internet Cabling & WiFi

Customer Success Story: Air Fiber, Internet Cabling & WiFi in Large Buildings

Distribution company acquires super-fast wireless Internet for their 6 regional warehouses with new Air Fiber technology, and opens 2 new buildings with cabling & Cisco Meraki cloud-managed WiFi

About the Customer

Industry: Logistics Distribution & Warehousing

Locations: 6 different warehouses in Ontario & Fontana, California

Size: Over 2 million square feet of combined space

Employees: 500+

network cabling

Business Challenge

A logistics customer of ours has 6 warehouses in the same geographic area of Southern California. They wanted to deliver exceptionally fast wireless internet speeds and interconnect their buildings.

At the same time, they were opening 2 new warehouses around end-of-year holidays. Customer needed to run CAT6 ethernet cables throughout both facilities. They also needed to install wireless access in an environment where reliability is difficult with many racks and inventory boxes, but very critical in ensuring wireless devices can quickly & easily scan inventory.

Technology Solution

We implemented a new, next-generation Air Fiber internet system that delivers exceptionally improved wireless speeds, very low latency performance, and super-long 30+ mile ranges.

We installed Air Fiber units at the tops of their warehouses, and worked with the service provider to configure, install structured cabling, and test the point-to-point wireless shots between the company’s various warehouses. We were able to improve internet speeds more than 20x – from 3 Mbps to 70 Mbps.

The Air Fiber technology operates in both FDD (frequency division duplex) and HDD (hybrid division duplex) modes to deliver unparalleled levels of speed and spectral efficiency. We were able to reduce the latency from traditional WiFi Internet systems to less than 3/10ths of a millisecond, down from dozens or hundreds of milliseconds previously.

These achievements were gained in all warehouses even despite the primary internet source located miles away at the company’s main headquarters. The technology we configured makes use of unlicensed-band spectrum. It employs a unique dual-antenna design and proprietary self-interference cancellation algorithms to extract more usable channels out of the available spectrum than any other comparable radio system.

Additionally, to install wired & wireless internet access at 2 new warehouses:

  • We participated in the design of the warehouse racks to architect the cabling & number and locations of the wireless access points.
  • We ran fiber optic internet cables from the main distribution frame to IDF telcommunications rack locations
  • We worked around-the-clock to install thousands of feet of ethernet cable throughout the warehouses, up to 80 feet high, providing internet coverage for devices – from computers and thin clients to wireless scanners.
  • We installed & tested wireless access points to ensure strength & reliability of service was achieved once warehouse was filled.
  • We connected the company’s 6 warehouses with site-to-site VPN so staff are within within the same network regardless of what location they’re at.

Customer Benefits

Quickly providing the warehouses with wired & wireless internet access enables the logistics customer to:

  • Access reliable internet access for RF scanners and computer workstations, to ensure operations at the logistics customer’s warehouses run smoothly and products are loaded onto transport trucks efficiently in a timely manner.
  • Bring network access to areas that would be difficult to connect to a wired network, making it easier to check and manage inventory, providing the company with accurate inventory numbers in real time.
  • Enable their staff to roam freely around the warehouse without losing internet connection, providing staff with increased mobility & efficiency.
  • Quickly provide secure internet & network access to transport drivers, staff from other warehouses, and other guests. We can even easily monitor Internet traffic and wireless internet usage through a Cisco website, where the customer and our IT team can determine who has connected to the network, how much data is being used, and even what websites are being viewed. This is beneficial for managing web access and improving network performance.

IT Products

We delivered a solution that included these products:

  • Ubiquiti Networks airFiber Gigabit Radios
  • Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed Full Stack to monitor and manage wired and wireless networks at the warehouses
  • Cisco Meraki Wireless Access Points to improve internet signals in high-density environments, and which support multigigabit Ethernet and the most advanced 802.11ac Wave 2 signals
  • Cisco MX Security Appliance to load balance the network
  • Cisco MS Switches for port-level visibility, live tools, and flexible configuration capabilities like virtual stacking
  • …and thousands of feet of Ethernet Cables!

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