Success Stories

Our value comes from the relationships we forge with you and your company.

Our goal is to fill in the IT gaps you need or even serve as the IT provider for your entire enterprise.

We’re Not Your Traditional Managed Services Provider

In fact, we don’t think of ourselves as providing managed services. We’re problem solvers. It doesn’t matter to us how many desktops you have or where your offices are located. Clients hire us as an IT consultant that can solve their technology issues permanently.

Virtual Desktop Computers & Software Applications

For our customers, we deliver “miniature” thin client computers, where the OS and software applications don’t reside on the computer, but are delivered virtually from a server – significantly reducing costs, while improving reliability & security. Read this success story where we implemented Citrix XenApp & Dell Thin Clients for a group of Medical Clinics.

VoIP Phones and Integrated Communication Tools

We’ve launched Voice-over-IP phones to save customers thousands of dollars monthly, while improving & configuring their network to support high-audio quality calls & web data requirements. Read this success story about our Entertainment Industry customer, who we also implemented an entire, integrated suite of collaboration tools: video phones, IM, real-time availability, screen sharing and more.

What Can MOBIZ Do for You?

These are only examples of how MOBIZ can transform your technology. How can we help you?

Air Fiber, Wireless Internet Access, and Office/Warehouse Cabling

We’ve installed hundreds of thousands of feet of ethernet and fiber internet cables and launched cloud-managed and wireless access points to provide our customers with reliable internet access throughout their offices, warehouses, and greenhouses. Read this success story about our Logistics customer that created their own air fiber regional network.

Data Availability, Backup, and Recovery Services

We use Veeam to back up, restore, and make data available for customers with data storage requirements from 50 Gigabytes to 50 Terabytes. Read more about the enterprise-grade features that enable our customers to access their data from anywhere quickly, and build robust disaster recovery processes to protect the information that’s critical to their businesses.

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What Are Your IT Issues?

The experts at MOBIZ are passionate problem solvers. You understand your IT problems, you know the desired outcomesall you need is a dedicated team of IT experts to solve them for good. Call us today and see what MOBIZ can do for your IT!