Modernize your voice communications.

How Reliable Are Your Voice Services?

Communication is key in business. This includes voice communications, even in this day and age of email and instant messaging. A business needs a solid phone system and the modern solution to this is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology uses the internet to place phone calls instead of established phone lines. 

Older phone systems were one technology that failed to change with time. As the internet became more prevalent, traditional or legacy technology just became more expensive.

Why Do Businesses Use VoIP?

The right IT consultant can find the voice equipment and services that suit your exact business need. The benefits of letting go of old technology and embracing the new are many:

  1. Lower costs Traditional phone lines would charge by the minute. If an office needed to add a phone line, the process was lengthy and expensive. With VoIP, all that’s needed is a new VoIP-ready phone and a call to your service provider. No waiting for a number, no visit by a technician, no needing to wire offices and cubes for the new phone. You receive instant scalability. 
  2. Simple conferencing Since VoIP systems use the internet, conferencing is simple and in most cases is already built in to the system. 
  3. Global access With a VoIP system, your employees can phone in from anywhere, making your workplace much more flexible.
  4. Better features Internet phone systems allow such a wide range of features, most users are unaware they exist. Voicemails can be recorded and emailed to a recipient. That recipient can forward that on to someone else or even save it for future reference in their email client. Many features are included by providers and, because of the flexible nature of the service, custom VoIP services can be designed based on the unique needs of your business.
  5. Reliability Legacy phone systems were based on landlines that could be damaged during storms or interfered with. VoIP can exist through mobile devices, meaning if the local network went down, the phones would stay available.
  6. Easy installation – There’s no need for expert technicians when adding or removing lines. Each phone line is plug and play, which underlines the simplicity of the system.

Cisco Systems

Our main vendor of VoIP technology is Cisco Systems and they have provided technology for our consulting projects for as long as we have been in business. They provide quality, secure, standardized equipment we can customize to any business need. 

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Microsoft Teams

For chat, meetings, and collaboration, nothing surpasses the flexibility and ease of use that Microsoft Teams represents. Its seamless integration with Microsoft’s flagship Office products makes it the perfect tool to keep your employees engaged and connected. 

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It’s Time To Revolutionize Your Voice Communications

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