Network Security

A network is a fragile, vulnerable piece of technology, unless it’s protected by MOBIZ.

As hackers become more sophisticated, so too must the tools businesses use to fight them.

A Safe, Secure Network from MOBIZ

Your internal networks are the lifeblood of your organization. They connect locations and store your important data. The danger is that even the slightest data breach can be extremely costly, not just to a business, but to the customers and vendors impacted by the breach. This is why the responsibility for establishing and maintaining a secure network lies solely with the business. Fortunately, when an internet threat arises, a cybersecurity technology can rise to meet it. 

MOBIZ has been in IT for a long time and we’ve seen the importance of cybersecurity grow over the years. Network security is something that businesses of any size or scope should take very seriously, and here are some ways businesses can fight back against cyberthreats.

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Data Loss Prevention

Organizations use a set of procedures known as data loss prevention (DLP) to defend against unwanted or unintended data transfer outside the organization. This can be in response to a ransomware attack or even internal theft by an employee. DLP is important to maintaining compliance with regulations and industry requirements, and organizations typically deploy strict DLP to information that is personally identifiable, intellectual property of the organization, or anything that contains financial information.


A firewall is a system that prevents unauthorized access to or from a private computer network. They examine every message entering or leaving a network and block those that do not meet specified security criteria. It’s important to understand that firewalls can’t meet every risk. Emails containing malware files or ransomware pass through firewalls because they are seen as normal files.

Visibility and Control

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Endpoint Protector

This is an advanced DLP appliance that ends data leaks and provides seamless control of portable storage devices. It can filter many different kinds of data from file type to predefined content. The main advantage is this filtering can be based on dictionaries that search for keywords or expressions, as well as defined criteria for regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA.

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Access Control

Access control minimizes the risk of data loss by clearly defining who can and cannot access your network at a given point. It is a key component of data security. It consists of authentication, which is verification that a user is who they say they are, and authorization, which is the level of access a user has. In the event of a data breach, access controls are the first policies investigated.

Behavior Analytics

When you use software tools to examine patterns of data transmissions in your network, you are using behavior analytics. This is a high-level strategy to detect intrusions that can bypass firewalls and antivirus software. Another important aspect of these tools is the ability to replay security events, watch how they unfold, and see how your network responded.

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