Cyber Security

How secure are your networks?

Your company needs technology to stay ahead in your industry. But you need a plan to keep it secure.

MOBIZ Is the IT Partner That Can Help Protect Your Business

At MOBIZ, our goal is to optimize the digital backbone of your business and an important part of this is your cyber security. When you leverage our IT expertise, we find the holes in your security posture. We take a layered approach to security, from firewalls and infrastructure to tracking and analytics. 

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Are You Concerned About Cyber Security?

You should beand you should know how secure your systems are and how you’ll secure them in the future. This is a lot, but fortunately MOBIZ is here.

AI-Native Security

Artificial intelligence has already become an important development in technology, and businesses across the globe are taking advantage of AI-based products and solutions. But along with this new technology comes new security risks. How dependent is your business on AI? And how secure is it?

Predictive Protection

Predictive security analytics can discover a data breach before it happens. Machine-learning solutions determine the probability of attacks against organizations, cutting down on the time it takes to defend against them and detect incoming cyberattacks.

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Ransomware, Malware, and Phishing Attacks

The human element is perhaps the weakest link in any cyber security strategy. Busy, preoccupied employees only need to open one malicious file to open the floodgates to malware and ransomware. But with the right amount of training and enough buy-in, your employees can go from a liability to your strongest asset.

Mimecast – Email Security

Email security and archiving is one aspect of cyber security that businesses, particularly large ones, struggle with. Mimecast’s secure email gateway is an advanced service that delivers real-time email security.

The Importance of Cyber Security and How MOBIZ Can Help

Cyberattacks are a fact of life for any business because they collect what cybercriminals wantinformation. While your entire team should be trained to increase their awareness of threats, cyber security is one function that can be easily entrusted to a third party.

Our IT consulting services will examine your entire network, assess its security posture, assess risk, and suggest modern ways to secure them from any threat

Awareness and Preparation

With the sheer number of incoming threats, it’s no longer realistic to expect an in-house IT department to handle all security risks, day-to-day IT issues, and overall IT strategy. A secure, monitored network is a formidible defense.

Incident Response

A key element of your cyber security strategy is to have a procedure in place that defines how you respond to a data breach. This helps mitigate the cost in time and resources.

Let MOBIZ help you understand your technology and make the best use of it to streamline operations and achieve results.

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What Are Your IT Issues?

The experts at MOBIZ are passionate problem solvers. You understand your IT problems, you know the desired outcomesall you need is a dedicated team of IT experts to solve them for good. Call us today and see what MOBIZ can do for your IT!