Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual machines offer flexibility and reduced costs.

From small law firms to large transportation companies, virtual desktops allow multiple desktops to run directly from the cloud.

Virtual Desktops Are Transforming IT

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows our clients to work from anywhere in the world, while still managing and maintaining their security posture. MOBIZ can set up the VDI environment your business needs. Through VDI, businesses can remove the need to buy physical infrastructure and avoid a significant capital expenditure.

The two main virtual desktop providers are Microsoft Azure and Citrix.

Citrix Virtual Desktops

Citrix brings best-in-class remote access protocols. It allows users to go to a single website or application to start any application they need. MOBIZ has used Citrix for as long as we have been in business and have the knowledge and experience to implement the best it can offer for your business. 

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a popular VDI platform that many large businesses deploy enterprise-wide. It represents a ready-to-go user experience. MOBIZ knows exactly how Azure can benefit you and we can implement the top-to-bottom solution your business needs. 

The Right Technology Can Be Powerful and Transformative for Your Business

MOBIZ is dedicated to finding the right technology for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of VDI?

Why do businesses use VDI? Businesses choose it because it solves their most pressing IT issues. 

Increased Mobility – VDI allows users to securely access their desktops when they are away from their desks and is essential for businesses that have remote employees that are accessing public networks that may not be totally secured. 

Better Performance – A remote employee with a standard laptop deployment would have to connect to a virtual private network (VPN) client before they could access files from the corporate network. A virtual desktop setup transmits a visual representation of the user’s desktop and all file access happens locally. No file transfer is needed.

When You Partner With MOBIZ, You Partner With True IT Professionals

We are recognized by customers for our deep technical expertise and consistent project delivery.

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What Are Your IT Issues?

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