Structured Cabling

Balance the networking needs of today with those of tomorrow.

Structured cabling is more than an industry buzzword; it’s an organized, standardized architecture for components and cabling. When done right, an organized cabling system delivers predictable performance.

Structured Cabling Solutions for any Need

Voice and data systems require cabling and how those systems are organized and managed form the backbone of your physical infrastructure. Structured cabling systems can maximize your IT investment and give your business the secure platform you need to expand in the future.

A structured cabling system is the ways your cables and related components are organized, labelled, and connected to products that provide voice, data, video, audio, and other management systems of a building like fire alarms and security systems. It includes everything from the data center to the desktop, including cabling, connecting hardware, equipment closets, vertical and horizontal pathways and work area outlets.

Our clients turn to us for a variety of IT solutions including scalable, expandable, organized cabling systems

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Stay Organized with MOBIZ

A well-designed and organized structured cabling system can support the technology needs of today and be prepared to handle those of tomorrow.

Our Solutions in Action

A logistics customer of ours had six warehouses in the same general area of southern California. They needed to make sure these buildings were interconnected so they could better control their inventory. Around the end of the year, they had two new warehouses that also needed to be integrated. Each facility needed CAT6 ethernet cable run throughout their buildings including wireless access points. 

We installed a new, next generation Air Fiber internet system to provide fast internet speeds at long ranges. This boosted internet speeds more than 20 times faster than their previous network. These gains occurred in all warehouses despite the primary internet source being located miles away at the company’s main headquarters.

But perhaps the greatest accomplishment was the design of the structured cabling system. It needed to navigate the huge facilities with rows and rows of metal racks. We had to run fiber optic internet cables from the main distribution frame to IDF telecommunications rack locations, and we worked around the clock to install thousands of feet of ethernet cable throughout the warehouses, up to 80 feet high, providing internet coverage for devices—from computers and thin clients to wireless scanners.

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