MOBIZ is your technology problem solver.

Do Any of These Scenarios Sound Familiar?

  • Your network is slow and unreliable and nobody seems to know why.
  • You need to replace old hardware on a mass scale but aren’t sure where to start.
  • Your traditional phone system is completely inadequate for your needs.
  • Your business collaboration tools are a mess of different vendors and purposes, with each business unit and team on a different platform.
  • You want to use the cloud but aren’t sure where to start.
  • You already use the cloud but want to make sure it is optimized and safe.

This is where MOBIZ can help. We are a professional IT firm dedicated to helping our clients reach their business goals. 

MOBIZ is your technology problem solver. Technology, and how businesses use it, is constantly changing. The IT your business uses is a fluid situation, and it needs to be able to adapt and evolve so you can take advantage of new ways to serve your own customers and allow your employees to do their jobs more efficiently and accurately.

MOBIZ takes an active role in helping businesses like yours make sound technology decisions, plan for an uncertain future, and leverage technology to make your business more successful.

IT Environment Assessment

Our thorough IT assessment is a strategic, top-down picture of how your business works and how technology is used to complete your most important business processes. Our technicians can get to the root of any issue and provide solutions that last, not temporary fixes. 

Project Consulting

Whether you need us to handle part of a project or from the very beginning, MOBIZ makes sure your IT project meets every goal. We handle the tough IT consulting projects that your average IT provider wouldn’t touch. 

Benefit From Our Experience

We have tackled complex issues for different kinds of clients, from hospitals to cruise ships.

Why Hire a Consultant?

Your business needs to stay ahead of the competition. Technology is constantly changing. Combine these two factors and you’re faced with a situation where the status quo is untenable. But businesses like yours have limited resources, and your IT department may be tasked with day-to-day duties that leave them unavailable to tackle new projects, expand your networks, use new technologies, and improve existing systems. This is where MOBIZ can provide the most value.  

The traditional managed services model handles these day-to-day responsibilities for you, but MOBIZ is different. We’re here to help you tackle the big-picture tasks. Whether you want to upgrade your servers, tighten network security, or move your data to the cloud, large IT projects require a business to invest time and capital in the management of these projects. MOBIZ can create a roadmap and strategy for delivering critical projects properly and without any disruption to your day-to-day IT operations.

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What Are Your IT Issues?

The experts at MOBIZ are passionate problem solvers. You understand your IT problems, you know the desired outcomesall you need is a dedicated team of IT experts to solve them for good. Call us today and see what MOBIZ can do for your IT!